Hawa Sarita is a French-Moroccan multidisciplinary artist. Poet, singer, and DJ, she likes to explore different styles of music through her mixes. With her eclectic and sharp selections, she knows how to make you go from one universe to another during a set, with a pronounced taste for acid, trance, and breaked sounds. She is also a singer in a new duo project, which she is working on with her partner Cristofeu. 

She particularly likes to integrate her feminist reflections into her various works, notably for her monthly residency 'Le Son de la Méduse' on Dia Radio. She prepares selections made up exclusively of female and non-binary artists to showcase their work. In October 2020, as part of her thesis research, she launched the project 'Beyond the Club' to re-imagine electronic scene festive practices through a feminist and inclusive perspective. She used poetry as a research method to convey her love for poems and put emotions and vulnerability back at the center of her academic research.

Cristofeu spends 4 years in London (from 2015 to 2019), where he recorded his first songs. During these years, he produces and shares his love for music as a DJ under several pseudonyms. In 2015, he co-founded the label "We Are Not Jukebox" and run his first events. In search of moments of euphoria, this restless spirit clearly manifests itself in his DJ sets. His performances expose the diversity of his taste for music. He builds his sets according to the atmosphere, with a pronounced taste for acid, trance, and UK sounds. He has performed in England, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, and of course in France in cities like Paris, Nancy, Bordeaux, Nantes, Cannes, or Lyon. He has also made several appearances on the radio, Hotel Radio Paris, Kiosk Radio, and thought his monthly residency "El Sono Erotico," on Dia Radio (Basque Country). Since his first single, "Daydreams," in 2019 (Cartes Records), he continues to produce and release tracks for his personal project Cristofeu. 


The Baraka duo was launched in March 2021, with the first single 'Panguipulli' and the second 'Half Faces' released in June 2021. Baraka, or good fortune: the nickname given by Sarah and Noah to the first lockdown during which their respective musical universes merged, the fruit of the languor of waiting and stolen ballads. The alchemy of their youth projects has resulted in cathartic club music whose repetitive beats and deep acid sounds are healing our hearts softened by the lack of dancefloors. Children of the 90s, the two DJs, celebrate their love for club culture with thumping sounds of their TR8 machine, French Touch-inspired elevating organs, and cavernous pop vocals that celebrate a female power determined to take over the place. These combinations of club beats and dreamy undulations intertwine like the yin and yang and promise a constantly evolving, mystical, and fearless universe.

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[PANGUIPULLI - Single – March 26th, 2020]

[HALF FACES - Single – June 18th, 2020]

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