Alternately lush, melancholy, and frantic, the music of Conference Of The Birds is necessarily the collision product between two temperaments. Harmonious writing between tension and contemplation, ardor and nonchalance, reveries, and reality, at the crossroads of Tame Impala and Radiohead. Mechanical rhythms become textures and harmonize seamlessly with ethereal and elegant melodies. At the heart of these disturbing landscapes rises the unique voice of Caesar. Composed during a time of instability by César, the lyrics are essentially a collection of feelings and thoughts on the theme of flight and travel.


The Paris-based alt-rock / indie-pop band is led by César Pasquet (vocals and acoustic guitar) and Daniel Malet (guitar, keyboard, and other instruments). The duo is joined by two other musicians on stage: Kevin Haccoun (bassist) and Benjamin Benamou (drummer).They also have played in bigger formation, with a brass section.

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[EP - 4 TRACKS - MARCH 29TH, 2019]

This debut EP is the result of a year of intensive development. An elegant collection of indie-pop / alternative rock songs with more experimental influences. Daniel and César continuously sharpened the songwriting to form a cohesive and singular whole.

The band surrounded themselves with Bruce Keen (Prince, Air, Sting) for some of the recordings, as well as Thibaut Javoy (Redbull Studio Paris) and Alain Wits (Isaac Delusion) for the mixing.

Seeking to develop a visual universe in harmony with COTB's musical message, Maxime Wolff (graphic designer) creates a graphic universe around the "synthetic-organic" theme, aiming to express the disappearance between the sensitive and the virtual world.

"Day after Day, we assemble our sensibilities and our respective influences, adjusting the proportions of each instrument and each color to find the right formula. We offer a unique material that looks like us." César & Daniel

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