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Lucas grew up with one dream: to be different from the masses and that went through music. He learned everything by himself with his own sensibility. Dude Low is the adventure of a solitary guy full of dreams who comes from the ground and enjoys the slow tempo of life. Through the bricks of his lovely town Rennes, the priority of Dude Low is creating art. A way for him to escape from the humdrum and put more light in his mind.

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[ALBUM - 10 TRACKS - MARCH 31th, 2022]

Dude Low, the modern proletarian, is back for 10 tracks with rich sounds that explore his wandering Ego trip. From his headquarters (Rennes), he calls for a journey after a year of solitary therapy, far from his tribe: humans. Neither too political, nor too fatalistic, Lucas spits on what annoys him without claiming to know the solution. Through beats that rub up against hip hop, the artist wants to be uncompromising by creating his own artisanal mix ready to swing his left hook in the unbearable gloom of routine, or by enhancing it with a melancholic caress. Who said romance was dead? Not Dude Low. Life is like a Wes Anderson movie, it all depends on how you perceive it.

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[EP - 7 TRACKS - MAY 29th, 2020]


On the program of this first EP: a change of scenery and the conquest of the stars. Dude Low takes us on this atmospheric and dreamy pop space odyssey that comes in seven extra-terrestrial titles. Opening on "Venus", the leader of Born Idiot takes matters into his own hands with his aerial synths and his so cosmic voice which never ceases to move us, just like on the heaviest "Purezza" and the warm "Man Spreading ”.


My Days In Cosmos follows the path of Electric Light Orchestra and John Lennon through heady melodies from elsewhere. You'll find two tracks with diametrically different atmospheres that are "Turn Back To What You Love" and the more bittersweet "Time After Time ”before ending with“ Jude's Fresh Air ”involving the guitars for the first time. For that alone, Dude Low lets his inventiveness speak for this explosive musical project that manages to touch the stars and invites us into this spaceship to go beyond.

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