Écran Total is a French pop music group born in 2020. It blends Camille's world and jazz musical universe and Margaux's pop and artistic projects, carried out between the Sorbonne and the Beaux Arts in Brussels. Margaux listens to current pop music in French such as Malik Djoudi, Chevalrex. Camille listens and admires Robert Wyatt, Fela, and Gainsbourg.


Since the release of their first single, their music has been broadcast on FIP and Nova. Their first EP released on October 15, 2021 is "Coup de Coeur" France inter (Coté club). The press, such as ELLE, Liberation, or Lyon Capital relays it with enthusiasm.

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[EP - 6 TRACKS - AUGUST 21st, 2021]

Their first EP "Schaerbeek Love" speaks of love in a world swallowed up by the screens. It takes the form of a stroll between love, astonishment, and reinterpretation of the world. The songs of Écran Total carry new energy, a feeling of freedom and non-conformism, specific to the novelty of the encounter.

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