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Eli D. (‘[ e ][ l ][ i ] [di:]), (born May 1st, 1994),  is a French singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. His music landscape revolves around genres such as pop, jazz, R&B, and world music but he is best classified as an alternative R&B artist. He came about music during his younger years, Where early on he was a soloist in his church choir. His taste for acoustic music drove him to discover and embrace several instruments among which keys and bass. His topics of preference are nostalgia, religion, and introspection, and usually scaffolds onto a philosophical backbone. His sources of inspiration are diverse and range from artists like Frank Ocean, James Blake, or SZA, to artists like Kendrick Lamar,  J.Cole, or even ASAP Rocky. After a first project called Rewind,  released in 2017 in a duo called “Untapped”, Eli tackles a new challenge with his first solo EP entitled  PASCAL released in 2021.


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[EP - 3 TRACKS – APRIL 23rd, 2021]

On ne tient jamais au temps présent. This is the motto of Eli D. first solo EP; Pascal. This opus is presented as a succession of atmospheres. In each one,  we meditate and reason about the place we give to the moment, and how it articulates our happiness. Eli is inspired by Blaise Pascal's  opus  Les Pensées, from which he takes up pieces of the fragment 172, and invites us to visit his doubts and worries around this question.We first discover the weight of the past with Immuzar n Uzud ( Uzud’s falls). Then we contemplate the ephemerality of the present with the second title; present.  Finally, we come up against the fear of a disappointed future with Echoes. The whole is veiled with a great softness and intimacy, and easily drives the listeners into introspection.  As sweet when waking up as when closing the eyes... to listen.

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