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François Ier is an electronic music project led by François Giesberger since 2013, the year he co-founded the collective and label Boussole Records and released a first EP, 1515, whose melancholic character was quickly noticed.

Three EPs followed, Neptune in 2014, Nyrmal in 2015 and Hôtel du Nord in 2016, on Boxon Records and Haut Cinq, in which François strives to produce an aerial, danceable and pictorial music.

At first confined to local scenes, the media relay that François benefits from allows him to perform in many venues and festivals (Transmusicales de Rennes, Montreux Jazz Festival, 36h de St Eustache, Garorock, Le Trianon) in France as well as in New York or Berlin.

After an extended break, he founded his own label, Standard Records, which he inaugurated with the release of CYCLE I, the first album of Standard, his side project in close collaboration with B.R.U.M.E. Today, it is the turn of his first album, Mathusalem, to be revealed to the public.

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[ALBUM - 10 TRACKS - 2021]

5 years after the release of his fourth and last EP, François Ier is back with Mathusalem, his debut album. This first opus, very personal and essentially instrumental, reflects a panel of extremely varied influences and was conceived in the concern not to be anchored in a specific time and musical style, nor intended for a well targeted public.

In the continuity of the releases having preceded it, Mathusalem is imbued with a form of melancholy, sometimes deep, sometimes joyful, sometimes contemplative, sometimes dancing and occasionnaly striving to combine both of these criteria.

If its conception was spread out over several years in an intermittent way, François took care to preserve a form of sound homogeneity on this opus, which draws in a quasi-systematic way in sonorities resulting from emblematic synthesizers of the Seventies and Eighties and sometimes former.

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