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Génial au Japon


GÉNIAL AU JAPON is a duo started by Blandine Peis and Émeline Marceau in early 2016. They are part of the Collectif du Fennec, which brings together several artists from the Bordeaux scene.


Their music mixes indie-pop, rock, and electronic atmospheres.  The groovebox strike without offending the senses. Synths are revealed through their celestial layers or thick bass. At the same time, the guitars are loose or sometimes more distorted, angry, and energetic, finish covering a decor never frozen, always in motion.


Génial au Japon unveils an artistic universe centered around the themes of kitsch, self-mockery, letting go, complicity, sharing ... All in the service of music that makes you travel through emotions. The duo echoes pop in their choruses, rock in their rhythms, or electro in their arrangements.


The project's colors borrow as much from retro by using the 90's sounds, as from contemporary by offering very polished musical productions. As part of a transversal relationship where the music is intimately linked to the image, the two musicians thus like to give a particularly visual dimension to their artistic project, hence the unique scenography of their shows.

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[EP - 5 TRACKS - DECEMBER 3rd, 2021]


In "Portraits", Génial au Japon presents a strange and poetic family picture that highlights "the human" through 5 unique portraits. Each song has a name and is an invitation to the intimate. The different characters are confronted with their own paradoxes and loneliness.


Five songs with the effigy of a melancholy pop that skillfully mixes music with images, since a long concept video accompanies the EP in the form of a short film describing these five songs as chapters that follow each other. 


From Blonde Redhead to Radiohead via LCD Soundsystem, the duo shed light on a whole section of the pop, rock, and electro heritage of the 2000s and 2010s in their inhabited songs that nourish dreams as well as reality.

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