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A friendship sealed in Brooklyn, along Myrtle Avenue, François Giesberger (François Ier) and Baptiste Malgoire (B.R.U.M.E.) never leave each other again and create the Standard project, named after the hotel where they performed together at the end of their year of study across the Atlantic.


Back in France, they work immediately on their debut album "Cycle I", which they release on their own label, Standard Records, in the fall of 2020.

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[ALBUM - 9 TRACKS - OCTOBER 30th, 2020]

CYCLE I is Standard’s debut album, the result of numerous « jam sessions », from which François Giesberger (François Ier) and Baptiste Malgoire (B.R.U.M.E.) isolated the most conclusive elements, pushing their potential to the point of obtaning tracks with complex but resolutely accessible structures. The result, fruit of a permanent dialogue between the two musicians, is an album with diverse influences and a pronounced melodic dimension, navigating between electronica, breakbeat, acid and downtempo.

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