SUPERNAIVE consists of two brothers – bound by blood and music – who live between Paris and Tokyo. They blend electronic and acoustic music with a unique and delicate touch. After the success of their EP «Red & Blue» in 2016, «Dazed & Confused» in 2017, and «Lions & Pigs» in 2018, they released their debut album «Nekomata» in June 2020.

The brothers chose to personify two oneiric characters that have almost identical faces. They cover their faces with masks that are symbols of eternal youth in Japanese Noh theatre – allowing the music to give life to their poetic doubles.  They have performed DJ set and Live in many cities in France and across the world (Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong).


The musicians personify their oneiric characters in their new live show by wearing their masks. On synthesizers, drum machines, and acoustic instruments (percussions and guitar) they play new, danceable versions of their tracks, more suitable for Live format. A 1.70 meter (5’7” inches) red lantern is placed at the center of the stage, fully equipped with LED lights, and video projections complete the esthetic of the set design.

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[ALBUM - 10 TRACKS - JUNE 25th, 2021]

To celebrate the first birthday of their album “Nekomata” (2020), Supernaive presents “Versions”, containing 8 alternative versions of their most famous songs as well as 2 bonus tracks.


With this new record, they offer bangers after bangers, from breakbeat to acid, in their own colorful way. Despite this explosive mixture, they keep their original sensitivity, and create a perfectly balanced composition, making their vintage synthesizers sing dreamlike melodies and spit relentless rhythms. As usual, François Baurin at mixing (Rone) and Alexis Bardinet at mastering (The Blaze), came to bring the last touch to this electronic piece.


You will (re)discover these 10 tracks in their live show, magnified by a tailor-made scenography and cinematographic projections, immersing yourself in their unique universe.


"We took great pleasure in radically transforming our tracks by imagining the crowd on the dance-floor. It was a way for us to escape in these times of confinement. We can't wait to play them to you in concert! » Supernaive

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[ALBUM - 13 TRACKS - JUNE 26th, 2020]

French duo SUPERNAIVE are releasing their debut album Nekomata. It gets its name from the shape-shifting cat of the Japanese bestiary. The album was recorded between Paris and Tokyo. To this day, it is SUPERNAIVE's most ambitious project with 13 eclectic tracks, including electronic, RnB and pop rock vibes, somewhere between the roundness of the “Dazed & Confused” EP and the saturated dissonance of the EP “Lions & Pigs”

With this first album the two brothers bring together shadow and light in an inspired and well thought through production. The use of old instruments unearthed from the graveyard of the analog synthesis by our archaeologist artists contributes to the bittersweet aesthetic, poetry and sensuality of this record that you will hum from the very first time you listen and will still discover after the tenth. If each track has its own identity, often enhanced by the voices of guest artists, the music has its own character which gives such uniqueness and density to the project. 

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[EP - 4 TRACKS - JUNE 16th, 2017]

In this EP, SUPERNAIVE talks about the emotional turbulence of adolescence which is brought to life in the music video of «Opal Waltz». «Dazed & Confused» follows a chronological order: between the first track (Monsters in my bed) and the last one (Sacrifice) childhood innocence is forever lost. The project’s esthetic is inspired by the work of Japanese mangaka Katsuhiro Otomo. This EP represents the «NAIVE» part of the duo. 

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[EP - 4 TRACKS - APRIL 27th, 2018]

Both dark and enigmatic, the four tracks on «Lions & Pigs» were composed in the suffocating heat of a Parisian summer. Here, the musical world is organic, moist and sticky, and contrasted by sharp and metallic industrial sounds. The tracks – somewhere between roughness and gentleness – remind us of a tormented nocturnal landscape. Contrary to their debut EP, the musicians are here introducing the angular and saturated «SUPER» part of SUPERNAIVE. They mark here a radical and clear artistic turn which give to their audience a unique musical and visual experience.

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Red & Blue is an unformatted electronic journey, composed by Supernaive in the early days. Due to the pandemic and in absence of live shows, Supernaive wanted to release 4 exclusive tracks made some years back, to give something unique to their listeners.

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