Jean Dasso, alias Yeahman, seeks to break down the boundaries between electronic and world music and claims a form of artistic universality. His concerts mix his own productions, and original selections, linked by a global bass beat downtempo, from all continents. Propelled by the international success of his single "Miniyamba" (Shika Shika, 2019), his career takes a new turn. His self-produced first album brings together traditional influences and contemporary musicians. He adds his personal vision of electronic music, filled with vaporous keyboards and powerful bass. 



Since 2017, he has traveled with his first EP "Transborda" (Frente Bolivarista, 2017) across the Atlantic (Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the USA), as well as in Europe, with the support of the best of the global bass scene (Movimientos in London, Global Hybrid Records in Brussels, the Goulash Disko festival in Croatia, Club Lento in Basel, PalomArt in Naples, etc.)

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[EP - 5 TRACKS - MAY 22nd, 2017]

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